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Misty has been happy and healthy for years when she sudenly becomes weak and depressed.  She can barely move and her primary care veterinarian is not available over the weekend.  You rush her to the emergency clinic where she receives immediate attention.  A team of doctor's and nurses begin emergency treatment.  A battery of tests are performed.  With this prompt attention from these highly skilled professionals Misty's condition is diagnosed and stabilized.  She is one of the fortunate patients that survives her emergency and returns home happy and healthy again.  Unfortunately, your bank account is not so healthy.  The cost of this state of the art expert care can be staggering.  If only the crisis could be prevented and in most cases it can be.  Misty is fictional, but stories like this are played out frequently across the country.

Pet insurance can help with the cost, but prevention is the best approach.  Not all patients survive like Misty did and those that do are often never as happy and energetic as they were before their illness.

Wellness examinations and testing can detect many health problems at a very early stage.  Early diagnosis improves the prognosis.  Problems can often be easily treated before serious illness occurs.  Make a wellness appointment with your veterinarian today!

Thomas Jones, DVM

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